Company Profile

Educational Venture Corporation (Edvec)

Established in 1997, Edvec primarily provides educational materials and software, classroom management tools and training programs to educational service providers in Japan. As part of its growth strategy, Edvec is participating in the emerging global market in education with an aim to becoming a “bridge” between Japan and the world. We not only provide our clients with the highest quality educational products, but support them with our expert consulting services based on the latest academic research and business trends.

We believe that learning is a lifelong process which empowers every person to grow personally and contribute positively to his or her society. We aim to support learning at home, at school, in the workplace and in the wider community with products and consulting services that meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. Ultimately, our goal is to help all of our clients realize their dreams through education.

Name Edvec Inc.
Established January 1st, 1997
Capitalization 20,000,000 Yen
President Basil Tonks
Employees 10 (excluding part-time staff)
Main Bank Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group
Annual Sales Approximately 265,000,000 Yen
Address 7F Future Yamashita-cho Bldg.
25-15 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku
Yokohama, 231-0023, Japan
Business Fields Educational Publishing
―With our domestic R&D partners such as the Yokohama National University and Aoyama Gakuin University and our international partners in the United States and Canada, Edvec publishes a range of educational materials focused on, but not limited to English language learning. E-learning
―Edvec is proud to be the global agent for the B-MAT mobile learning program. Building on the success of Puzzle Dojo, the B-MAT (b-mat.net) online mathematics program was launched in Japan in the spring of 2013. Edvec is now seeking international partners to expand this unique children’s program to markets across Asia and around the world. Teacher Training
―Edvec regularly conducts teacher training seminars for organizations in both the public and private sectors. Our e-learning course for teachers of English to young learners, TEYL-Japan (teyl-j.org), was designed with Advanced Teacher Training Inc. of Canada and was the first e-learning program to be recognized by the Japanese accreditation body for primary school English teachers, J-SHINE. School Management Software
―Edvec supports educational service providers with a portfolio of products to facilitate sales and customer relations management. The “Learning Axis” School
―Edvec is proud to provide educational services directly to over 250 students aged 2 and up at our Learning Axis school in Yokohama. (axis-english.jp) NPO (Non-profit) Activities
―Edvec supports educational providers in both the public and private sectors through participation in the Society for Advancement of International Education (npo-cpee.org). This NPO is particularly active in providing teacher training programs for Boards of Education, such as the Yokohama Board of Education.


A Message from the President


Although education has been shaken by recent, unprecedented changes here in Japan and around the world, we find ourselves filled with energy and optimism. We are looking forward to what tomorrow will bring. Many factors that are normally viewed negatively - low birthrates in developed countries, world-wide economic challenges and the ongoing reform of public education systems in many countries - have become sources of new inspiration for us.

What does the future hold for Chuman Gakuin and its group companies? Until recently, our industry has grown only within the confines of the exam preparation market. Exam preparation services will continue to be important in the future. However, if we broaden our viewpoint a little, we can see that future opportunities will arise from the basic educational goal of "forming people". It is the importance of this goal, which incites our passion to grow.

As long as we ensure that each member of our “family” continues to grow personally, while respecting universal and timeless truths, we will continue to prosper, no matter how the times may change.

Basil Tonks

Edvec is established
Launch of the “Listening World” series of English textbooks
Launch of the “Wonder English” series of English textbooks
Shingaku Kobo Inc. is spun-out from Edvec as a new company
“Listening World” and “Wonder English” are licensed to Woongjin Corporation for sale in Korea
Over 300 educational providers using Edvec products
Edvec wins second prize at the Second Annual Yokohama Business Grand Prix for its e-learning business proposal
The TEYL-Japan online training course for teachers of English to young learners is recognized by the Japanese accreditation body for primary school English teachers, J-SHINE
Edvec conducts its first webinar for English teachers
Edvec launches the MALSI learning skills diagnostic test in Japan with the assistance of Western Psychological Services of California.
Edvec begins sales of a narrative-based math program for young learners in Japan and India
Edvec develops its first university entrance exam preparation program with GGC Inc. of Tokyo
Edvec becomes the global agent for the B-MAT online mathematics program